------- TODAY 26/06/17 -------
 ---- All times are in UTC ----

  • [09:00-13:00] EGCC_GND
  • [12:00-13:30] P4_VATSIM (M)
  • [12:30-13:30] EGGP_SBAT (M)
  • [13:00-15:00] EGKK_GND
  • [13:45-15:30] P2_VATSIM (M)
  • [15:00-16:00] EGKK_GND
  • [16:00-18:00] EGKK_GND
  • [16:30-18:00] EGLC_TWR (M)
  • [16:30-18:00] EGKK_TWR
  • [17:00-18:30] P1_VATSIM (M)
  • [17:00-18:00] EGKK_DEL
  • [17:30-19:30] LON_S_CTR (M)
  • [18:00-20:00] OBS_PT1
  • [18:00-21:00] EGKK_F_APP
  • [18:00-21:00] EGKK_APP
  • [18:00-20:00] EGKK_TWR (X)
  • [19:30-21:00] OBS_PT2 (M)
  • [19:45-23:45] EGKK_DEL
  • [20:00-21:00] EGKK_GND
  • [20:30-21:00] EGCC_SBAT (M)


  • [121.950] EGKK_DEL
  • [118.500] EGLL_S_TWR
  • [121.750] EGPH_GND

Visit or Transfer

01/02/2017 00:01z

TRANSFER PLACES ARE NOW AVAILABLE  - There will be a single facility to transfer to called 'Transfer to the United Kingdom', please choose this and complete the application to proceed.  You will not be able to choose the specific facility that your initial ratification takes place on. 

All applications will be processed each Sunday.

I hold any ATC rating (OBS/S1/S2/S3/C1/C3) and wish to visit/transfer to the United Kingdom to continue my training

All Transfering/Visiting controllers are subject to the global VATSIM Transfer & Visiting Controller Policy.

This page is ONLY for members that wish to transfer to or visit the United Kingdom.  If you wish to transfer or visit another region/division, you should apply directly to the team at the relevant region/division you wish to go to.

VATSIM UK welcomes controllers from other divisions who wish to control our diverse range of airfields and sectors. You only need to read this page if you are a home controller within a division that is not the UK, and want either to transfer to the United Kingdom as a controller, or visit the United Kingdom as either a controller/pilot.

01/02/2017 00:01z - APPLY BELOW

» Make an application to visit or transfer as a Controller «

I am a pilot wishing to visit the United Kingdom for the purposes of Pilot Training (P1/P2/P3/P4)

31/01/2017 18:59z  APPLY BELOW

» Make an application to visit as a Pilot «

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