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    South West Overload - Live! (at FSC Weston 2017)

    2017-07-22 :: 08:30-15:30
    South West based VA Severnair, in collaboration with VATSIM UK, are proud to present "South West Overload - Live!".

    Over the weekend of 22nd & 23rd July, ATC services at Bristol, Cardiff & Jersey will be coming live from the Flight Simulator Convention at the Weston Helicopter Museum. To help show VATSIM off to the public, all controlling at these three airfields will be conducted from a single exhibition room at the event.

    We look forward to seeing you either at the event or on the scopes.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Can I book a controlling slot to help?
    A: No, as with every year that the SW Overload takes place, all controlling is done at the FSC Weston event. This allows us to show off VATSIM to the best of our abilities.

    Q: Can I control here outside of the event?
    A: These restrictions are only in place during the event's opening hours (0800z-1600z / 0900-1700 BST) - feel free to jump on before or after these hours to either generate traffic for the start of the event, or "tidy up" the traffic tha't still around as the museum closes it's doors on those days.

    Q: Can I bring my own PC/Laptop to control?
    A: No, space is limited at the museum so we can only accommodate a certain number of machines.

    Q: When will the slots be released?
    A: There are no slots for this event, just turn up and fly!

    Q: Is it only controllers that I'll see there?
    A: No, there will be a pilot setups in the room with us also so that we can showcase the flying side of VATSIM also and allow visitors to see the interaction between pilots and controllers.

    Q: Who are Severnair?
    A: Severnair is a VA that has it's base in the South West of England. Severnair members have organised and run displays at FSC Weston for several years, including the VATSIM controlling positions.

    Q: Where is the Helicopter Museum, and does it cost to get in?
    A: Full details on the event and the Museum can be found via their website here - There is a charge to enter the museum but given the exhibitors on display, as well as the number of helicopters on display in the hangar (most exhibitors are in the shadow of a helicopter!), the price is well worth it for the weekend.

    Added by: James Brierley (2017-06-15 19:37:36)

    South West Overload - Live! (at FSC Weston 2017)

    2017-07-23 :: 08:30-15:30
    Day 2 of the South West Overload Live! (Hosted at FSC Weston 2017)

    Added by: James Brierley (2017-06-15 19:39:04)

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