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  • [121.850] EGCC_GND
  • [118.620] EGCC_N_TWR
  • [121.800] EGKK_GND
  • [123.800] EGSS_TWR
  • [123.470] EGTU_R_TWR

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    Follow The Needle

    2018-04-21 :: 18:30-21:00
    With the release of the new P5 (Advanced IFR Pilot) Rating course by the Pilot training Department, we're delighted to announce the first event tied to the the VATSIM Px ratings. With the P5 course requiring learning and application of different types of non-precision approaches, this event, based at the home of the P5 course, gives P5 students and those wishing to try something different the opportunity to "Follow The Needle".

    Turn of the autopilot, stop following the 'Magenta Line' and put your IFR skills to the test in the North East of Scotland as the Pilot Training Department invite you to try the published LOC, VOR and NDB approaches.

    Whether you've signed up to the course already or want to test your skills, jump in your favourite aircraft and give yourselves and the controllers a test at Aberdeen International Airport.

    Added by: Trevor Hannant (2018-03-17 18:33:33)

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