------- TODAY 23/02/18 -------
 ---- All times are in UTC ----

  • [16:00-17:00] EGKK_GND
  • [16:00-17:00] OBS_PH_PT2 (M)
  • [17:00-18:30] EGKK_GND
  • [17:00-18:00] EGGP_TWR
  • [18:00-19:30] EGCC_GND (M)
  • [18:00-19:30] OBS_CC_PT2 (M)
  • [18:00-20:00] EGGP_TWR
  • [18:30-19:30] EGNX_SBAT (M)
  • [18:30-20:00] EGLL_N_APP
  • [18:30-20:30] EGKK_GND
  • [18:30-21:30] EGLL_2_GND
  • [18:30-21:00] EGLL_DEL
  • [18:30-21:30] EGLL_S_TWR
  • [19:00-21:30] EGCC_GND
  • [19:00-21:00] OBS_PT1
  • [19:00-20:00] EGGP_GND
  • [19:30-21:00] EGKK_APP (M)
  • [19:30-21:30] EGPH_APP
  • [19:30-21:30] EGPH_TWR (M)
  • [20:15-21:45] SCO_SBCT (M)


  • No Controllers Online


VATSIM UK is led by the Division Director and is managed at a strategic level by the Division Staff Group comprised of the heads of each department. Department staff may be appointed that report to the relevant member of the DSG.

Our current staff are listed below. You can also view an organisation diagram of the current staff. In order to contact our staff, please use the links below to our ticketing system.

Simon Irvine Division Director (VATUK1)
Nathan Donnelly Deputy Division Director (VATUK2)
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Barrie Joplin Community Director (VATUK3)
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Responsible for membership of the division - including transferring and visiting controllers.

Community Managers

Leon Grant
Nick Marinov

Layth Al-Wakil Marketing Director (VATUK4)
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Responsible for marketing initiatives, public appearance and division events.

ATC Training
Andy Ford ATC Training Director (VATUK5)
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Administrative Manager

Alex Beard

Head Examiner

George Wright


Division (I1) Senior (I3)
Henry Cleaver Chris Pawley
Mike Pike George Wright
  Andy Ford
  Phillip Speer

Training Groups

  TG Managers TG Instructors (I1)
New Controller

Fraser Cooper

Oliver Rhodes

Training Group 1   Matt Collier
Nick Marinov Jamie Paine
  Nathan Donnelly
Training Group 2    
James Edwards Luke Collister

Phillip Speer (I3)

Heathrow Oliver Rhodes  

Pilot Training
Daniel Crookes Pilot Training Director (VATUK6)
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Administrative Manager

James Gibson

Flight Instructors

Initial Flight Instructor John Livesey
VFR Flight Instructor Vacant
IFR Flight Instructor Oliver Hall
Web Services

Neil Farrington

Calum Tοwers

Web Systems Director (VATUK7)

Web Support Director (VATUK8)

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  Alex Toff
  Matt Collier
  Nathan Davies
  Jamie Fox
  Andy Ford

Chris Pawley Operations Director (VATUK9)
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Responsible for maintaining the UK Sector File, airfield procedures, information and documentation.


In addition to the Division and Department staff, the Division is required to appoint a DCRM as required by Article VI of the VATSIM Code of Regulations. The DCRM adjudicates UK member suspensions referred by the network supervisors only and does not sit on the DSG.

DCRM Sean Reedman



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