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TeamSpeak & Slack

On our pages you will find everything you ever needed to know about how to become a virtual Air Traffic Controller or online pilot. However, that is not always enough. Sometimes it is far quicker, far easier and much more fun to actually speak to someone direct The VATSIM UK TeamSpeak server may just resolve that for you.

VATSIM UK hosts a TeamSpeak server which is available to members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is an essential tool for co-ordinating with adjacent controllers, mentoring sessions, enjoying group flights together or simply having a chat. It is a great resource which is well used by the division. And best of all, like all other VATSIM services, it's completely free.

Accessing the VATSIM UK TeamSpeak server

Step 1 - Downloading the software

1. Go to the TeamSpeak website and download the client appropriate for your operating system. Please note that our server is only compatible with TeamSpeak 3.

Step 2 - Registering your ID

1. Visit

2. Log in via Single Sign-On with your VATSIM CID and password.

3. In the 'TeamSpeak' section of your dashboard, click 'New Registration' and follow the instructions.


If you have any issues with registering on our server, please submit a ticket or visit our forum.

House Rules

At VATSIM UK we want to encourage a welcoming and inclusive community to ensure every one of our members has the best experience possible. The VATSIM UK TeamSpeak server is an official VATSIM communication medium, which means that all members are subject to the Code of Conduct and User Agreement. Members who choose to break our TeamSpeak house rules can be kicked or even banned from the server. If you wish to report a member breaking the rules, please approach a member of staff (who is not currently in a coordination, mentoring or examination room) or utilise the helpdesk.

1. No swearing or vulgar language. VATSIM welcomes members aged 13+ and we have a duty of care to protect our younger members from being exposed to bad language. Additionally, some members feel uncomfortable at the use of bad language, or may be offended by it.

2. No personal attacks, bullying or intimidation. We strive to encourage a positive community atmosphere to ensure the best enjoyment is had in our hobby. Any form of personal attacks, bullying or intimidation is not tolerated and will be treated very seriously.

3. No posting links to inappropriate or illegal content. Our TeamSpeak server has been kindly donated to us and we have an obligation to ensure it is used for the right purposes. The server may not be used to share links to vulgar or pornographic material, nor may it be used to link to any site which encourages illegal activities.

4. No spamming. This rule is quite self-explanatory.

5. Respect other members. If you enter a room where there is controller co-ordination going on, or a group flight is being enjoyed, please do not interrupt the activity by playing music down the channel or by disturbing the room occupants by any other means. Please respect the rules for different room categories, as below.

Room Guide

Although our TeamSpeak layout may seem a little confusing at first, it's actually laid out in a very simple way. If you follow this simple guide to our different rooms, you will familiarize yourself with the layout very quickly.

Arrivals Lounge

All members enter this room when first connecting to the server. Voice is disabled.

Departure Lounge

These rooms can be used for general chat, group flights, controlling sessions and socialising. There are no entry restrictions to these rooms, but please respect the house rules at all times.

RTS Discussion Rooms

These rooms are used by members of individual Regional Training Schemes for controlling, flying, chatting and meetings. Although there are no entry restrictions to these rooms, please consider the privacy of members, particularly during RTS-specific discussion or meetings. Controller co-ordination is welcomed in these rooms, but please consider using the co-ordination rooms if you wish to avoid being disturbed.

Co-ordination Rooms

These rooms are to be used for co-ordination only. Only members controlling a relevant position may enter. No chat or music.

Mentoring Rooms

These rooms are used exclusively for controller mentoring. No entry except with the permission of the mentor. Adjacent ATC may enter to co-ordinate.

Pilot Co-ordination & Training

These rooms are used for pilot co-ordination and training purposes. There are no entry restrictions to these rooms but please respect the privacy of occupants, particularly during pilot training.

Examination Rooms

For exams only. No entry without the express permission of the examiner.

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