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Pilot Training

Welcome to the VATSIM UK Pilot Training department.

We believe that excellent training maximizes the experience of online flight as it’s something so different from flying real aircraft and from flying offline flight simulators. Operating in a unique environment poses challenges that some find difficult to overcome, but we do not think it has to be that way. Our well respected theory material and mentoring team is the key to unlocking your potential on VATSIM.

The United Kingdom division is an Authorised Training Organization and a well respected training and examination provider. We excel in training people to become high quality virtual pilots and have fantastic positive student feedback. Our services are available to every member of VATSIM, irrespective of your division of membership.

If you would like more information about our courses and how to enroll or gain fast track straight to exam, please get in touch with my team and I via the helpdesk or email

Daniel Crookes - Pilot Training Director

Exam Statistics


Rating Total Passed Failed Incomplete
P1 267 235 15 13
P2 59 46 11 2
P3 7 7 0 0
P4 16 13 1 2
  349 301 27 17

Recent Exams Passes

Date Rating
27/02/2018 P3
27/02/2018 P2
27/02/2018 P1
26/02/2018 P1
14/02/2018 P2

Exam Passes in 2018: 7

What we can offer you

Online Pilot Rating (P1)

Training & Examinations
Direct Access Examinations

The Online Pilot (P1) training is ideal for new members who want to learn a little more about the organization and how to courteously operate their aircraft in UK airspace. It is also the perfect opportunity for the more experienced pilot to learn something new which may make the VATSIM experience that little bit more enjoyable.

We focus on the fundamentals of flying on the network to ensure that the skies are filled with competent, confident and professional pilots. Furthermore our mentoring team are of the highest caliber and will adapt the training for the more experienced users to enable you to get the best out of the online flying experience.

The training resources can be found below:


Flight Fundamentals Rating (P2)

Training & Examinations
Direct Access Examinations

The Flight Fundamentals (P2) course is an intermediate rating which is pitched at pilots who want to learn about how an aircraft flies and how to realistically manually fly a light aircraft. In this course our highly skilled mentors will teach you how to fly the C172SP.

The training resources can be found below:


VFR Pilot (P3)

Training & Examinations
Direct Access Examinations

The VATSIM VFR Pilot (P3) course is an intermediate/hard (advanced) pilot rating which is aimed at pilots who already hold a P2 rating and want to continue to push themselves to expand their theoretical and practical competency in VFR flying on the VATSIM network. 

The P3 course is about VFR navigation. During this course students will be taught the various aspects of navigating purely VFR without the use of any GPS type devices. This course enhances virtual pilot training and attempts to replicate as near as possible the real world PPL syllabus when it comes to VFR navigation skills. In order to enroll on this course students will need to hold a P2 rating.

The training resources can be found below:


IFR Pilot (P4)

Training & Examinations
Direct Access Examinations

VATSIM IFR Pilot is an intermediate rating which is pitched at the pilot who wants to learn more about how fly an aircraft under IFR rules. If you like flying IFR this IS the course for you, we will mentor you to be able to do the perfect RNAV approach or execute a flawless go around amongst many other skills. You will be able to fly any IFR equipped aircraft that you are confident with. So that could include the Dash 8 or the A320 if you prefer.

This course is only available to those who already have a P1 rating. You will need to request access to begin your training for this course. This course includes a lot of theory material, we expect you to learn this in your own time as your mentor will test you during your practical sessions.

The training resources can be found below:


The mentoring process broken down:

There is a waiting list in operation for P2, P3, and P4  training. Please email us to join the waiting list.

  • If you are not a member of the VATSIM UK division, please email us so we can set your account up with us. If you are a VATSIM UK member, this has already been completed for you.
  • Watch and learn the material listed above.
  • Go to and login.
  • Join the “Pilots” Training Group (TG).
  • You will receive an email from the Pilot Training Director outlining the training process within 48hrs.
  • Once logged in to the CT System, in the student dropdown select “session management” select P1_VATSIM for P1 mentoring.
  • Then press request, then add availability in the relevant boxes. If you're unsure how to do this, get in touch.
  • When your session is accepted, simply connect to TeamSpeak and await your mentor.

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