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VATSIM UK offers controllers rated S2 or higher the opportunity to undertake a military endorsement, through a number of self study courses. With this endorsement, controllers are permitted to open military positions both in the UK and it's overseas territories, in accordance with the letters of agreement, division policy and military manual.

Military Endorsements Offered

Four types of military endorsement are offered by VATSIM UK.

  • Tower and Ground
  • Approach (Non-PAR)
  • Approach (PAR)
  • Area Radar (CTR)

Airfields Offered

The following airfields are available to military endorsed controllers, where positions exist.

  • All UK mainland military airfields
  • Gibraltar (LXGB)
  • RAF Akrotiri (LCRA)
  • RAF Mount Pleasent (EGYP)
  • RAF Ascension Island (FHAW)

Area Radar Sectors Offered

  • EGVV_CTR - 135.150 - Swanwick Military - Covers military activity in both EGTT and EGPX, as well as top-down control for Military airfields
  • EGQQ_CTR - 134.300 - Swanwick Military - Can be split off from EGVV to cover the EGPX airspace

The diagram above is adapted from ENR 1.6 of the Military AIP and is licensed under the Open Government License.


In order to be able to be eligible for military endorsement, a controller must meet the following requirements.

  • Must be a home member or a visitor that has completed a visiting application.
  • Must be rated S2 or higher.
  • Must hold the equivalent permanent controller rating to the endorsement that they wish to undertake.

Endorsement Process (All Levels)

The endorsement process for all military endorsements offered by VATSIM UK is as follows.

  1. Submit a ticket to ATC Training in the helpdesk, requesting to be enrolled to the relevant online self-study course.
  2. Complete the online self-study course and pass the exam at the end.
  3. Upon completing the exam, submit a ticket to the helpdesk, stating that the course has been successfully completed.
  4. The endorsement will then be granted by the ATC Training Department.

List of Endorsed Controllers

The only official list of controllers endorsed on miltary positions may be viewed on the Special Endorsements page of the CT System.

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