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Gatwick Endorsement

This section will detail the 'Gatwick S1 Endorsement'.

Training Process

Step 1 - Prerequisites

The member is required to have the following to be eligible for training:
  • Must be a UK Home member
  • 25 hours cumulative controlling time from 1 airfield in each of the following groups:
  • 3 Groups of Aerodrome's:
  • Group 1: (10 hrs req)
    • Manchester (EGCC)
    • Edinburgh (EGPH)
    • Stansted (EGSS) 
    • Liverpool (EGGP) 
  • Group 2: (10 hrs req)
    • Glasgow (EGPF) 
    • Birmingham (EGBB) 
    • Bristol (EGGD) 
    • Luton (EGGW) 
  • Group 3: (5 hrs req)
    • Jersey (EGJJ)
    • Belfast Aldergrove (EGAA)
    • Newcastle (EGNT)
    • East Midlands (EGNX)

If you meet the prerequisites, express your interest to ATC TRAINING here -

Step 2 - Gatwick Moodle Course (e-Learning)

You will be given access to the 'Gatwick ADC | S1 Endorsement' course. The Moodle course covers Gatwick specific RT, procedures and local flight planning restrictions. There is quiz at the end of the course, of which the pass mark is 80%. If you do not pass the quiz, you will need to wait 7 days before you can make another attempt.

When you have completed the Moodle course, you will be prompted to submit another ticket to ATC TRAINING to adivse that you have passed the course.

Step 3 - Ground Familiarisation Session (EGKK_GND)

Your training now moves onto the live network. Youl will log on EGKK_GND with one of our S1 mentors. They will observe you control for 1.5 hrs. This is not a validation test or exam. It is simply an oppitunity for you to practicly apply your new found Gatwick knowedge on the network under the supervision of a mentor. The mentor will be there to offer advise or to answer any question you may have.

We would like to stress that it is not a PASS or FAIL session. At the end of the session you will be added to the special endorsement list for Gatwick S1.


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