------- TODAY 26/06/17 -------
 ---- All times are in UTC ----

  • [09:00-13:00] EGCC_GND
  • [12:00-13:30] P4_VATSIM (M)
  • [12:30-13:30] EGGP_SBAT (M)
  • [13:00-15:00] EGKK_GND
  • [13:45-15:30] P2_VATSIM (M)
  • [15:00-16:00] EGKK_GND
  • [16:00-18:00] EGKK_GND
  • [16:30-18:00] EGLC_TWR (M)
  • [16:30-18:00] EGKK_TWR
  • [17:00-18:30] P1_VATSIM (M)
  • [17:00-18:00] EGKK_DEL
  • [17:30-19:30] LON_S_CTR (M)
  • [18:00-20:00] OBS_PT1
  • [18:00-21:00] EGKK_F_APP
  • [18:00-21:00] EGKK_APP
  • [18:00-20:00] EGKK_TWR (X)
  • [19:30-21:00] OBS_PT2 (M)
  • [19:45-23:45] EGKK_DEL
  • [20:00-21:00] EGKK_GND
  • [20:30-21:00] EGCC_SBAT (M)


  • [121.800] EGKK_GND
  • [118.500] EGLL_S_TWR

Feedback Form

The collective VATSIM UK Training Department would like to present a feedback form which is for use by both controllers and pilots. Its purpose is to focus both our ATC and pilot training efforts into areas which need improvement, whilst recognising strengths and successes. Best of all, however, we can pass on the gratitude of the pilot or the controller who experienced a fantastic service directly to the individual who has won the praise.

All of the data collected will be reviewed as a whole so that we can build an overall picture of our membership's strengths and weaknesses. We will also able to forward on anonymised data to our partner agencies such as virtual airlines and bordering vACCs so that together we can do what we do better by sharing our successes and our failures. We may also from time to time pass on anonymised positive feedback to controllers and pilots through our online media.
The form can be reached from the VATSIM UK website and from here in this thread. The person who submitted the data will remain anonymous. We are not using this to discover individual training issues. The Division Director, Operations Manager, ATC and Pilot Training Directors will be able to access the raw data gathered.
If you have any questions, please email:

The feedback form is available here. Thank you for your input.

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