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Download Information
Download Name vasFMC
Author Alex Wemmer
First Published 06th Nov 2011 05:35
Total Downloads 22951
Last Updated 6th Nov 2011 at 08:01
Current Version 2.1 [Download]
MD5 Checksum 4ede77aefbdbb7291e1c0dcdaa6eca74
Version Downloads 3066
Next Update N/A
vasFMC was designed to be a utility that placed a CDU in your aircraft for use as real world operations. Released under the GNU General Public License and hosted with permission of developer.
What's New? (Version 2.1)

* Fixed terminal procedure selection bug causing the LEVEL-D procedures only
to be shown on the 2nd call of the MCDU procedure selection page.
* The Airbus flaps handling is now deactivated if the FMC is in slave mode.
* Turn restrictions (e.g. loaded from procedures) are now taken into account.
* Fixed bug causing vasFMC to play certain sounds (e.g. stall warning)
even when vasFMC sounds were deactivated.
* Implemented selected/managed speed modes.
* Added separate approach idle thrust N1 value which is only effective if the
A/THR is in Airbus mode. This increases the idle thrust whenever the
flaps and/or gear are deployed and the approach mode is active or below 2500ft.
* Changed INIT page behavior and layout.
- The alternate airport is now at LLSK2 instead of RLSK2.
- When entering ADEP/ADES at RLSK1 and existing FPs are found on the
harddisk, the MCDU will change to the FP load page.
- As long as the route is empty or only ADEP/ADES are entered,
"INIT REQUEST" will be shown at RLSK2, which when pressed takes
you straight to the VROUTE FP load page.
* Adapted PFD and ECAM to takeoff thrust mode changes (derated/flex)
* PFD AP, FD and A/THR FMAs are now boxed on change.
* The normal route, alternate route and FMC data are now stored to a
dedicated persitence directory and will be restored on the next vasFMC start.
* Added preselected climb speed which can be entered on the PERF CLIMB page.
* Added preselected cruise mach which can be entered on the PERF CRUISE page.
* Added adaptable managed descent speed and mach which can be entered
on the PERF DESCENT page.
* Reworked F-PLN page.
* Implemented real column based character placement on MCDU.
* Reworked DIR-TO page and implemented abeam waypoint feature.
* Reworked DATA page, added POS/IRS/GPS MONITOR, A/C STATUS pages.
* Implemented sytem selection via the MCDU MENU page.
The following systems are available: FMGC, ACARS, SBOX, PUSHBACK, CHECKLIST.
When a system different from the FMGC is selected and active, the normal
MCDU pages are not accessible anymore, until you switch back to the FMGC system.
* Enhanced altitude deviation alert and PFD altitude reach indication.
* Fixed enless sound loop bug which caused some sounds not to stop.
* Reworked AP takeoff logic. Now if a takeoff with FD on and an unset V2 is
performed, after takeoff the vertical mode will change to V/S and the
speed mode will change to selected speed with the current IAS set as the
target speed.
ATTENTION: Note the changed FLCH FSUIPC offsets!
* Did a complete rewrite of the vasFMC autopilot with full custom AP functionalities.
* Added configurable rotation to ECAM display (see upper_ecam.cfg).
* Enhancement of the Fly By Wire Pitch controller by Alex Krauss.
* The Fly By Wire paramters are now stored in the aircraft profile.
Thus now it is easy to configure different values for differnt aircraft types.
* The aircraft profile was cleaned up, many paramters are now fed from the
FMS engine and were removed from the aircraft profile.
* Added lower ECAM with F/CTL page.
* Enhanced font rendering (thanks to Martin B�hme)
* Reworked a-style upper ecam layout.
* Implemented a-style lower ecam F/CTL page.
* Added automatic flap/slat detent detection.
The results are stored to the currently selected aircraft profile.
* Added pilot timers (chronometers) to left and right a-style PFDs.
The timers can be started and stopped via hidden spots on the FCU
(most left upper screw and most right upper screw).
FSUIPC offsets have also be added to the FCU.
* Integrated FMS into the main FMC, now fuel prediction, thrust performance
calculations, V-speeds, etc. are calculated within vasFMC.
* Reworked MCDU MENU page, now all controller parameters (thrust, FBW, FL CH, etc).
can be changed via the MCDU MENU. Also FMS internal values can be shown for debugging.
* Added new style upper ECAM for a-style. The user can switch between the old and
new style via the MCDU MENU.
* Added A/B-style switch to MCDU MENU.
* Added "copy route to clipboard" feature to MCDU DATA page.
This feature formats the current route in ICAO format and copies it to the clipboard.
It can then e.g. be copied into to Squawkbox flightplan dialog for online flying.
* The autobrake status is now shown in the lower status area of A-style lower ECAM.
* Added airbus GS mini function when approaching in managed SPD mode and
a approach wind was entered at the MCDU PERF APPR page.
* Made the MS FS gauge version compatible with FS-X, thanks to Chris Koegler.
* Added autoland feature with FLARE and ROLLOUT modes.
* Added low/high speed protection to fly by wire, thanks to Alex Krauss.
* Added alpha floor to vasFMC AIRBUS A/THR mode.
* Reworked the FCU of the vasFMC gauge version (new night lighting, etc.), thanks to Chris Koegler.

Version History
Version Released On Version Downloads MD5 Download
2.0 6th Nov 2011 5225 ab647b509bc70f1b02736cbba5c1ecc4 Download
1.1 6th Nov 2011 14795 73143a25dae8c206f0a0cc92c0520f48 Download
2.1 13th Jan 2016 3066 4ede77aefbdbb7291e1c0dcdaa6eca74 Download

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