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London Bandbox

London Bandbox (LON_CTR) is a designated special center under the terms of the VATSIM Global Ratings Policy, covering all four primary London Control sectors. Controllers rated C1 or higher may apply for an endorsement to open this position.


In order to be granted a London Bandbox endorsement, the controller must meet the following requirements.

  1. 20 hours post-C1 on two of the four sectors within the EGTT FIR (40 total).
  2. 10 hours post-C1 on the remaining two sectors within the EGTT FIR (20 total).
  3. An additional 20 hours post-C1 on any VATSIM CTR sector (including those above).

Time spent controlling split or bandbox positions (for example LTC_CTR or LON_SC_CTR) may only be counted towards requirement 3 above.


The amount of traffic in the London FIR varies significantly throughout the day and can increase dramatically at very short notice. Furthermore, the amount of top-down controlling can vary depending on which adjacent controllers are online. Controllers are therefore advised to use caution when exercising the privileges of their validation. It is often wise to use the validation either during the quieter hours of the evening, when there are a number of Approach positions online covering the major airfeilds, or to cover off remaining sectors when other London sectors are open. Equally, if traffic levels increase significantly, controllers should consider downsizing to a smaller sector.

Get Started

If you wish to apply for a London Bandbox endorsement, please open a ticket with ATC Training in the helpdesk. In the ticket, you should state your VATSIM CID, the qualifying CTR positions you have controlled and time spent on each.

List of Endorsed Controllers

The only official list of controllers endorsed on London Bandbox may be viewed on the Special Endorsements page of the CT System.

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